Herbalife Ciucas Trail 2013 News

Inov8, Herbalife Ciucas Trail sponsor! Inov8 will offer prizes in the raffle held at the award ceremony, to the lucky contestants and volunteers.


Payment of registration fee at Herbalife Ciucas Trail can be done online now by debit card / credit, thanks to the partnership with www.runningshop.ro. Details on the registration page.


This year, the marathon route Herbalife Ciucas Trail is more spectacular! This year, the Marathon route length was dropped in favor Spectacular. Already known as one of the most runnable marathon trails in the entire country, HTC will be slightly modified and will become even faster. Change is the elimination of the portion of forest roundtrip from Boncuta Step, and the deviation of the route through novelty canyon of the Stanii Valley Gorges. Competitors will also use their hands to pass a little jumper, will slip beneath logs and will enjoy Gorges crossed in places by springs. Also thirst will not be a problem on this segment of the marathon. The route will total 38.5km. Do not forget the marathon places are limited to 300 participants and those from semi to 400! Soon the modified trail will be available in Route section.


There are three days in which you can join by paying the minimum fee for participation in the Herbalife Ciucas Trail 2013. Half Marathon and Marathon - 70 lei, Ultramarathon - 100L. Registrations are HERE.


Besides the new category in teams this year will also award the top three male competitors, and top three female competitors arriving both at the marathon as well as half marathon. Open winners will enter the Hall of Fame - Herbalife Ciucas Trail, and will receive trophies inscribed with the name, year and time made.


Herbalife Ciucas Trail will include two categories in teams this year! To enhance the spirit of competition at the 4th edition Herbalife Ciucas Trail will be introduced new events: Marathon Teams and Half Marathon Teams. The teams will consist of four participants.
Each team must have at least one girl in Composition.