Herbalife Ciucas Trail 2013 Regulation



The following rules and regulations will apply to Herbalife Ciucas Trail. Each contestant accepts these rules of participation and confirms that it has read and understood by registering online or onsite.

1. Organiser.
The sports competition called "Herbalife Ciucas Trail" is organized by Trail-Running.ro and CTA Ciucas.


2. Nature of the event.
Herbalife Ciucas Trail is a circuit race type, which takes place on the mountains: Ciucas Grohotis and Tataru, with the start and finish in the Cheia resort, Maneciu village. The highest point is on the Ciucas peak (1954m).
Note: Sections of the race route are high alpine regions where the participants must have mountaineering experience, have no problems with balance, can walk safely on the trails.


3. Participation.
Can participate persons of at least 18 years old. Minors over 14 years may participate with written consent of parents


4. Herbalife Ciucas Trail Races
- 21km Mountain Half Marathon
- 42km Mountain Marathon
- 105km Mountain Ultramarathon
- Children Race


5. Registration
Online registration can be made  at http://www.trail-running.ro/ until September 1st
Participation fees are:
May 1-June 1 (earlybird)
70lei Marathon and Half Marathon, Ultramarathon 100L
June 2 to August 1
90lei Marathon and Half Marathon, Ultramarathon 120L
August 2 to September 1
Marathon and Half Marathon 100L, 130L Ultramarathon

Caution! To register for 105km Ultramarathon trial it is necessary to have completed at least three mountain marathons Romania


6. Categories
Categories that will be awarded prizes and standings will be made are the marathon and half marathon:
- Open Male
- Open Female
- Male: 14-29 years, 30-39 years, 40-49 years, over 50 years old
- Female: 14-29 years, 30-39 years, over 40 years.
- Marathon teams
- Teams Half Marathon
Teams are composed of 4 participants, at least one being female. Results in teams categories are calculated totaling the four individual times of the team members. It is not necessary to go through the race track in group formation.

Complying age category is based on the day of birth, not year of birth
Example: if you turned 30 until September 14 you fall in the category 30-39 If you turned 30 on September 14 or after this date, you fall in the category 18-29
The Ultramarathon trial categories are Open Men and Open Women


7. Awards.
Prizes will be awarded in cash and items. Organizers assumes no obligation to send prizes unclaimed at the award ceremony after the ceremony has ended.


8. Equipment.
It is mandatory throughout the race to wear the race number with timing chip incorporated. The absence of the competition number during the race or at the finish leads to disqualification. Are recommended: water bottle, waterproof jacket, hat / headband, trail / trekking sticks, mobile phone.
Equipment required at Ultramarathon trial consists of: backpack / small backpack / pouch, cell phone, water bottle / camelback bag, waterproof jacket / cape, hat / headband / buff, pants / long tights, headlamp, survival foil. The equipment of all competitors will be verified obligatory at the start during the race and at the finish. The lack of one or more objects of the prescribed equipment automatically attracts disqualification.


9. Competition numbers.
Competition numbers must be worn throughout the race and should be visible on this period. Competition numbers will be given to each competitor individually and are not transferable.


10. Timing.
Timing will be held at the start, during the trail and at the finish. At the checkpoints where the intermediary timing will be made, there will be limited times for completing that sector of the race. If a participant does not fall within the limited time he will be disqualified and will return to finish accompanied by the organizers. Timing is done per second.


11. Route.
The Herbalife Ciucas Trail races routes are totally beaconed by the organizers and follows marked mountain paths with tourist markings. The route is mandatory. Exiting the markings automatically resulting in disqualification.


12. Checkpoints.
There will be checkpoints and positions for revitalizing the entire length of the routes. There will be mobile stations or unannounced.


13. Course schedule.
Technical Meeting will be held on Friday at 21:00 in the gym, in Cheia.
- The start of the 105km Ultramarathon trial will take place Saturday 6:00.
- The start of the marathon and half marathon will take place on Saturday at 10:00.
- Ceremony will take place on Saturday September 15th 20:30.
- "ChildrenRace" will be held Sunday at 10:00.
- Award ceremony of the Ultramarathon and Children Race will take place on Sunday at 12:00.
Depending on weather data, or unanticipated events there may occur changes which will be announced by the race directors. The change of weather or trail conditions can also cause modification by the organizers of the checkpoints arrival time limit. The map competition will show timings limit of normal weather conditions. (For ex. PC5 "Cabana Ciucas" until 16:00.) Participants who do not fit into the race timings limit will be stopped for their own safety, and will have to return to the finish accompanied by the organizers.


14. Time penalty and disqualification.
Course organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants, and apply penalties between 5 and 60 minutes if one or more of these rules are violated:
• Disregarding the instructions of the organizers and authorized personnel
• throwing garbage on the length of the route
• anti-sporting behavior towards other participants
• doping
• intentionally shortening the route
• loss of the competition number
• missing a checkpoint.


15. Doping.
The organizers reserve the right to make unannounced doping tests. Every case of doping automatically draws disqualification from the race of the participant in question.
The organizers take no responsibility for any accident or injury occurred as a result of participating in Ciucas Trail Running.